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General Hints and Housekeeping from Busted Networks

IT housekeeping

It's always a good time for the spammers with their direction changing - more recently, from the banks to eFax and Voicemail scams. These usually take the form of 'eFax message from "unknown" - 3 pages' with an invite to click on a link or 'Voice Message Attached from 01258319722 - name unavailable' again with a link to conveniently click on. As always, don't click on any links on any e-mails that you are not expecting, and links in emails that you are expecting, treat with a due amount of caution as well. For an up to date list of these spams/phishing, take a look at our Facebook page as we update this as we get to know new targets. You may want to take a look at the Sussex Police's Little book of Big Scams just to keep you up to date with current thinking.

General IT pricing
In general, IT prices have been rising for hardware and software since Brexit and this seems driven because most IT is traded in $. We have seen considerable recent price rises for products across the board from all suppliers.

Time now to review your backup strategy. It is worth attempting a trial restore on your data just to be 100% sure that you can get data back in an emergency – you would be amazed at how many businesses think that they have backed up their data only to find that the backups are empty when they come to use them!

Useful Windows Key combinations
If you want to minimise all the open windows so that you can see the desktop again, try Windows Key + D.
If you want to open Windows Explorer quickly, try Windows Key + E.
If you want to permanently delete something (i.e. a file or a folder) without sending it to the recycle bin, use SHIFT + DEL which will permanently delete it.

Updates and Anti Virus
Probelms with Ransomware are caused in part by system admins not keeping the systems up to date. Take a few minutes out to ensure that your Windows System is up to date, along with Microsoft Office. And finally, check that your Anti Virus is up to date and working. Ensuring that you have these in place will go a long way to making sure that you stay safe.

Slow PC
As your new PC ages it seems to get slower and slower to the point where some get so frustrated they buy a new one. In most cases these slow PCs can have a new lease of life brought to them with a little bit of maintenance. It is worth clearing out all old temporary files, removing all unnecessary items that start up when the PC starts, taking a look at the scheduled tasks which kick off during the day, ensuring only necessary services are running, uninstalling any programs that are no longer required, removing any unneeded helpers in the browser and removing any old printers. Or, if it is too much to be bothered with, give Busted a call.

Signature Blocks and Disclaimers
You've seen the sign off at the bottom of business emails and you may be wondering how those are set up. There is a legal requirement to have these on business emails and this gives you a taster of the requirement. . If you use Outlook, this can be set up in there and is added when a new mail is created, but this method requires that everyone's Outlook needs to be set up individually. Also you would need to set it up for all phones as these devices may be used to send mails. There are low cost automated products which add the disclaimer to all mails, and this is managed centrally. They do not require any user involvement ensuring that the business is legal at all times. In addition, many customers use these emails to display banners to promote business or just the Happy Xmas messages. The banners can include hot spots and web links.

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