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How do people get spam emails from me that I didn't send?

Windows 10

This is a question that comes up weekly at Busted Networks. Essentially, email is a free for all as regards the sender's address. Here is an analogy with the regular letter post to explain it. You put a letter in the post box addressed to Joe Blogs. Now, rather than your name and return address on the back of the envelope, you put the address of Jon Doe. When Joe Blogs receives this letter and turns it over to see who sent it, it is assumed that it comes from Jon Doe. This is exactly what happens with spam emails.

The intention with this type of email is to get you to think that this is from someone you know, adding authenticity, and encourage you to click on a link or open an attachment in the email. This is why, even when you get emails from people you know, it is worth treating them with caution if they don't look right, encouraging you to click or open something, or are in some way out of the normal for this sender.

There are plenty of web sites that allow you to send an email where you can set the To and From address if you can think of a legitimate reason why you would want to do this.

A number of system level protections exist which can be set up to prevent someone impersonating your email address ? however, these are not always effective.

iPhone announced
After all the hype and leaks the latest iPhones have been released and are now available in the Apple shops. A couple have even popped open due to battery expansion within the phone. However the uptake seems to have been slow as people seem to be waiting for the debut of the iPhone X which is on pre-order from October 27th. This is Apple's first Super Retina Display, and stretches across the entire face of the iPhone, and the Face ID takes over the home button, allowing you to unlock iPhone X with a glance.

There is a current increase in emails that are attempting to get you to click on a dodgy link in them. These include some very good ones purporting to be from BT, Lloyds and, for those of you with children off to University, Student Finance England. Take a look at our Facebook site for the latest round of these emails. As always, exercise a great deal of care when thinking about clicking on a link in an email ? even if it is from someone you know.

Firefox Send ? private file sharing
If you have a large file to send to someone, up to 1GB, which exceeds your email send limit, then you may want to consider Firefox Send. The idea behind this product is that you drop your file into a web page, using drag and drop; this then encrypts the file and gives you a URL which you can send on to the recipient. The file expires after 24 hours or when the file is downloaded. If you are interested in this take a look here

Equifax data breach
Last month Equifax, a credit scoring company, had a data breach. The company appears to be very tight lipped about what has actually happened. More information on this can be found here.

Have I Been Pwned
If you are interested in whether your email address has been compromised then take a look at this site This site gathers together publicly available data from web site breaches and makes this available in a single easy to search database. They don't store passwords on this site but give an indication of whether an account of yours, from your email address, is likely to have been compromised. If so, it's time to change your password.

Want to e-mail a screen shot?
If you want to send a screen shot in an email for instance, just press the rarely used Print Screen button at the top right of your keyboard. Then open an email and in the body of the email, right click and select paste. If you want something slightly more advanced and need just a section of the screen, on Windows 10, use Cortana to search for Snipping and click the Snipping Tool Desktop App from the list that appears. This opens a small app. Click the New button and the screen will go grey and the cursor will change to cross hairs. Now, using click and drag, select an area of the screen you want. This then gets pasted into the Snipping Tool. There are very rudimentary tools for highlighting and drawing in the Snipping Tool. When you have finished any modifications, then in the Snipping Tool click Edit, Copy and then in the body of a blank email, right click and select paste.

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