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Windows 10 Version1803 coming to a PC near you

Windows 10

There is an update to Windows 10 that Microsoft was released in the last few weeks known with the snappy title of 1803. The previous version was 17XX i.e 1709.

This update gets automatically downloaded by all Windows 10 PCs and then installed often, but not always, on power up.

Unfortunately, this install takes VERY much longer than the traditional Windows installs, and when I say longer, I am talking HOURS, up to 4 hours.

During this update the screen displays a message that it is doing something and the usual PLEASE WAIT statement with the spinning icon. The mouse is responsive during this update. During this time, although the user may think that the PC has gone AWOL, it is in fact doing something and should not be switched off. Switching it off will do one of two things - it will either wreck the machine or it will just start the process again, from the beginning, so you won't be any further forward under either scenario. Only after waiting over 4 hours should the user call our support number to find out what is going on.

So, in essence, the message for Windows 10 users is ... patience.

Occasionally, once the update has completed, it takes a while to login to the PC for the first time, showing a black screen for 10-15 mins. This is normal behaviour. If this extends past this time give Busted a call.

And finally ...

To find out if your PC has 1803 on it (ie the latest version) hit Windows Key and R which will pop up the Run box and in the box type WINVER and hit the OK key.

windows 10 illustration

That will pop up a box on the screen with the windows version.

windows 10 illustration

In this case you can see it is 1803.

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