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  • Free, 1-hour initial consultation in plain English (no techno-babble) - we take the time to understand your current IT set-up, listen to your needs, document them and come up with an IT solution that works best for your business.
  • By understanding your business strategy, we create, change and improve upon IT solutions to match your company's goals in the short term as well as long term.
  • Planning and implementation go hand in hand with a successful IT Support result.
  • Ongoing reviews help us identify any weak links and correct them.

IT Consultancy Fareham

Have you ever calculated the cost incurred when your IT systems go down? Reliance on computers is a fact of life today. Whether it's sending and receiving emails, writing proposals, keeping track of accounting, etc., it's hard to be productive in business without a computer. Also, manufacturing companies that utilise automated machinery (e.g. CNCs) depend on reliable computers for production. Without computers, systems go down and that's a huge cost for business. In addition to the obvious costs, you have probably read about companies that have suffered from consumer loss of confidence when they?ve been hacked. That's a heavy price to pay!

IT Consultancy Fareham Mission

Like a car, you turn on your computer and you expect it to work so you can focus on the business at hand. Unfortunately, when it comes to cars and computers, unplanned events can and do happen. When your computer is down, your productivity and revenues can be severely impacted. By being proactive about your IT security, you ward off viruses, spam, malware and a host of emergency issues that can temporarily halt your business. Planning for the future will save you time and money, as a long term IT investment strategy vs. piecemeal fixes can make you and your business, i.e. people and equipment, more efficient, productive and safer. Let Busted Networks be your business partner and we will take care of all your IT situations - offering you best practices and state-of-art guidance on both your short and long term IT strategies. We treat your business like our own and keep you not only operational, but secure and productive so your company is best positioned for growth and success.

IT Consultancy Fareham Mission

Busted Networks are a 20-year old IT company with 50 years' experience. Because of our loyal client base, we can claim almost a 100% retention rate. We support small to medium sized businesses primarily in the Hampshire and West Sussex counties. When your systems go down, we're here to help and offer fast response times. As many small businesses can't afford an in-house IT department, we become your de facto IT department for the good times and emergencies that can crop up. By proactively monitoring your computers and servers 24/7, you avoid emergency situations and unnecessary downtime. As your company grows, we're by your side to optimise your expansion and offer sound, long term IT solutions.

IT Support Fareham GDPR

The GDPR, which was enacted the 25th of May 2018, placed a greater burden on businesses to protect their customer data. This law replaced the Data Protection Act and came with a stricter set of guidelines and fines. The Information Commissioner's Office website,, is an excellent reference point to understand what the GDPR is all about.

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“We highly recommend Busted Networks for IT Support. They literally transformed our business. We initially called them in a panic and they fixed our initial problems and migrated us to a stable, highly productive platform. They fixed our unreliable email system. Any problems just contact them and they fix it straight away, friendly outfit.”

General Manager, Fareham Manufacturing Company.

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