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Your Personal Trusted and Professional IT Consultants

Offering Petersfield businesses an effective alternative to costly in-house IT support.

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  • Pro-active PC & Server Monitoring - because the unexpected can and does occur.
  • System Security - it's critical to keep your systems and private client data secure and in compliance.
  • Backup and Recovery - have you ever calculated the real cost to your business and reputation when your systems go down? Busted Networks keep Petersfield businesses up and running.
  • Telephone and Email Support - We ensure your Petersfield business has the proper equipment, platform and support in place to keep your business productive.
  • In-house IT Support vs. Managed Support - you can save the true cost of in-house IT support, including employee salary and benefits, by using Busted Networks.

Petersfield Managed Hosting and Email Support Expectations

We take over the IT Support services of your company and partner with you to achieve your company's IT and business goals. This includes proactive PC and server monitoring, anti-virus software and staff education, New PC computer and server installations, etc. Because the unexpected can and does occur, we proactively monitor 24/7, 365 days a year to detect/arrest issues such as viruses, spam, Malware, etc.

Petersfield Managed Hosting and Email Support

We ensure your Petersfield business has the proper equipment, platform and support in place to keep your business productive. Email support is provided, as well as telephone support Monday to Friday. Of course, we visit your location when you need us to.

In-house IT Support vs. an External IT Provider

You can evaluate the true cost of using an IT company vs. in-house support by comparing employee salaries, benefits, space, etc. vs. paying an IT provider for a maintenance agreement. We are happy to discuss your unique requirements, and offer a proposal.

In a nutshell, we proactively and reactively take care of your IT issues to keep you secure and productive. That includes proactive monitoring 24/7, every day of the year. Virus scanning, spam filtering, firewall configurations and operating system updates, along with standard physical data centre security measures are all integral pieces of keeping your IT systems operational. Security is particularly important when it comes to storing personal client and business critical data. Full backup and storage is essential because losing data can be very costly and can affect a company not only monetarily, but also productivity-wise and in the devastating loss of customer trust. Busted Networks are with you all the way to keep your business productive and secure.

Why not call Busted Networks today for a free 1-hour consultation? 01243 553251 or click on our online form to have a no obligation chat about your needs.

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We listen to your needs. We make recommendations and present a proposal to suit your budget.

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We make sure that all your IT systems are fully streamlined.

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When the unforeseen occurs we can respond quickly.

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We offer Managed Hosting and Email support.

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Proactive Maintenance/Installations/
Upgrades/Managed Services.

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Available Monday to Friday.



“Busted Networks have been managing our IT system for many years now and have always provided a professional service. Over the past 2 years we have invested in cyber security; this relied heavily on their ability to adapt to our requirements, and Busted have impressed me with their pro-active response.”

Technical Director, Technology Company, Petersfield

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