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  • Servers increase processing power enabling your staff to work more efficiently.
  • Servers require ongoing, proactive virtual and physical maintenance to keep them operating properly, and avoiding downtime, lost files and the inability to reconstruct files.
  • Small to medium sized companies often opt to take out a Server Maintenance Contract with a professional IT company to save money.
  • Servers can fail if they are not regularly dusted and cleaned. It's important to keep vents unclogged, to have good circulation and to avoid server overheating.
  • Regular data backup, security reviews, software patches and updates.

Servers & Maintenance IT Support Portsmouth

Lifespans, due to misuse, can and are shortened with the human body, as well as with IT servers and other equipment. So, as with humans, it's critical to treat your servers well and have regular checkups to avoid issues and big problems. By not paying attention to important computer health signs, it can cost more and take a lot longer to repair your server in the long time. It's so important to have proper server maintenance for the life of your IT equipment. It's also necessary to have a server checklist, which includes regular data backup, security reviews, software patches and updates, as well as cleaning and temperature checks. The more proactive you are, the better the outcome, and you're sure to avoid catastrophic issues.

Servers & Maintenance Costs

When your staff stops working because their computers are inaccessible and customers can't contact you, your business reputation could be at risk. It's nearly impossible to have a business in Portsmouth these days without a computer, and servers are super computers. Business stops when your server goes down. That certainly results in a loss of productivity, financial repercussions, and loss of customer faith in you. We help you determine the best IT practices and steps to keep your systems humming.

Servers & Maintenance Planning

Planning for the future is the best practice when it comes to IT performance. Busted Networks will offer you guidance every step of the way - within your budget - we are your true IT partner. When IT Server issues occur, Busted Networks will get you up and running quickly, and back in business.

Servers & Maintenance IT Support Portsmouth GDPR

New legislation came out in May 2018, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) placing a greater burden on companies to protect their customer data. This law replaces the Data Protection Act and came with a stricter set of guidelines and fines. There is a good description of the GDPR on the Information Commissioner's Office website,

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“Busted Networks have been working with us for over 15 years now. They offer a professional, friendly and reliable service. They handle our unique in-house servers and software and work efficiently in the background. Whenever we need them they are always on hand and available for an urgent call out to fix any problem. They have assisted us in growing as a company and no job is too big or small. We have done before and would again always recommend Busted Networks without any hesitation.”

C. R., IT Manager, Road Haulage Company, Portsmouth

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