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Maximising Protection of Your PCs

Keeping all of your PCs up to date is the recommended way of providing maximum protection to your network, along with Anti Virus and regular scans. This is a good policy and if you have a server on site this can download the update once and then apply it to all of your computers, thereby saving your valuable bandwidth; it can also tell you which computers are not updating and, therefore, this can be investigated. However, it is not particularly uncommon that an update can cause a PC to misbehave, or even not start properly, in which case Microsoft then issues an update to the update. At Busted Networks, we ensure that all Microsoft Updates are trialed on our support network to warrant that they are fit for purpose before we roll them out to our customers. This keeps our customers' PCs up and running.

Stopping Spam

“I had a Spam email through today - can you look into it?” On investigation of this client, their anti-spam system had caught 10,062 messages that day, which is one every 3 seconds. Catching Spam emails is not an exact science and is a game of cat and mouse and some, unfortunately, get through. At Busted Networks, we use online scanners to ensure that our customers get the maximum protection from annoying Spam messages. Catching them online also means that your bandwidth is not consumed downloading Spam that your system subsequently discards. Our system emails the users daily with a list of the mails that have been caught in the filters and the users can free them up and add the email address to a white list if they wish.

If you want to take advantage of these, and many other up to date technologies which keep your business up and running, why not call me at Busted Networks on 01243 553 251.

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