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Working Remotely From Home

Remote Access

More and more executives are working from home and the latest IT solutions make this easy. Modern IT systems allow you to access your e-mails and files from home using just a browser enabling you to answer those customer questions which can't wait 'til Monday morning. These solutions are straightforward to implement in a way which maintains the security of your office network. We are even able to set up systems which allow you to remotely access this equipment from your iPhone or iPad.

All Anti-Virus packages are the same ... or are they?

A recent real world Anti-Virus test in September 2016 had some interesting results. Some of the big "well known" names were cited as providing well under 100% cover, and even if one virus or malware gets through your Anti-Virus package, your PC, and potentially your whole system, can become compromised. The spate of Ransomware infections in Q2 this year, which encrypt all of your data on your PC, has now subsided as the AV companies have put in place good strategies for dealing with this particular problem. But don't rely exclusively on your Anti-Virus. Make sure you backup as well! When considering an Anti-Virus solution, you need to be looking for one which gives comprehensive cover, does not slow down the PC, is centrally managed and as far as the users are concerned is fit and forget.

And finally, the IT mantra. Please be aware that all security software is never 100% reliable and often takes a few hours to catch up on new malware. You must always be vigilant and never open e-mails and attachments unless you are sure of their validity -- any doubts, do not open them.

If you want to know more about a comprehensive Anti-Virus strategy, remote working, or even if you have multiple offices which you want to link together to provide seamless access to files and email, then call us on 01243 553251 at Busted Networks.

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