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Increase your Productivity

If you are interested in a productivity boost, consider splashing out at Christmas and equipping your PCs with dual screens. Having multiple screens allows you to work on 2 full screen applications at once without having to flit between one screen and the other. Some of the newer PCs even include dual screen capability without the need for an additional graphics card.

Blocking Ads on Your Computer

If you have too much advertising in your PC browser you may want to consider a product that reduces or even removes these ads completely. Search Google for AdBlock to get a list of some of the available Blockers. There are a number of free ones that are worth looking at which include Adblock Plus, This product is available for most browsers including those on the PC, Android and iPhone. Unwanted ads on the small screen of a phone result in loss of part of the phone screen; often they are moving ads which draw the eye away from the article and, of course, that eats into your monthly allowance.

Credit Card Fraud

We have recently heard more cases of personal credit cards being taken so a quick diversion from the usual business related stories to personal protection over this festive period. If your credit or debit card has the Contactless symbol on it you may well like to take a look at this article -- You may be able to get a limited amount of protection against this type of fraud by buying a RFID (Radio frequency ID) wallet or even a pair of blocking cards that slip either side of your cards in your wallet. Even more vigilance is required at this time of year so check your credit and debit card statements frequently as some fraudsters debit a small amount from the card just to ?check that they have a valid card? before selling the card details on as working.


And, as always at Christmas, beware of the scammers who are trying to gain access to your account or card details. There have been a number of new e-mail scams which try to get you to click on a link or open an attachment and these include ?Merseyside Police, Parking Penalty Charge Notices, Payslip for the month of December?, as well as the more traditional ?UPS Collection, Delayed in Customs, Shipment from China and Your account has been suspended? type messages. Next month, look for Tax related scams. The first line of defence is, as always, if you are not expecting it then do not open it and just delete it. If it's important then you'll always be contacted again. The second line of defence is check any links carefully by running your cursor over the link (but not clicking) and make sure that the first part of the URL that pops up in the tool tip is a genuine (and not a misspelt) name, e.g. to fool you it could be instead of Also check that the email looks genuine and does not contain spelling mistakes or grammatical errors or anything that makes you suspicious. And the third line of defence is don't open any attachments. As always have a good, up-to-date Anti Virus and Anti Spam. And if you do click on a link and something untoward happens, contact your IT provider.

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