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Re-capturing Employee Activity

The concern of employees spending 'too much time on the internet' is a growing one in most businesses. The "always connected" person brings many benefits and also a few drawbacks. Whether they are looking at Facebook or Twitter on their phones or PCs, spending a considerable amount of time on shopping or dating sites, or even downloading or watching the latest movies, this can seriously cut into a company's productivity. As a business executive, you may wish to restrict or even stop this practice and get their time back. There are many ways of doing this, most of which you may already have - they just need to be enabled.

Guest WiFi and Employee WiFi Optimise Security and Bandwidth

For larger, and even for some smaller businesses, you may want to consider having both a 'Guest WiFi' as well as an 'Employee WiFi' on your business premises. This can be especially important in businesses where there are frequent visitors. It is good practice to keep all Guest WiFi traffic away from your internal business traffic as you can't be sure that your visiting guest's equipment is protected, updated and virus free to the same standard as your systems are. In most modern Wireless systems, it is possible to create more than one wireless network and then restrict where the guest traffic can go and what they can see. It is also possible to restrict their usage so they can?t hog all of your bandwidth.

System Backup

Maybe it is time to take an annual look at your backup system and undertake a trial restore of some data just to ensure that the backup is actually backing up and that you know how to restore data in an emergency, which can be a very stressful process. It is surprising how many systems we see where the backups have been occurring on a daily basis but, no data is actually being backed up - this, of course, is only discovered when you need to undertake a restore.

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