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Cleaning Up!

Windows 10
Love it or hate it, Windows 10 is here to stay. And for some of you, who have accidentally upgraded to Windows 10 earlier on in the year there is one large frustration which seems to override all others -- the constant rebooting and updates that happen at the most inconvenient times. If this is a problem, feel free to contact us to sort this out.

Passwords are in the news again this month with the publication of the annual list of the most commonly used passwords. Given that your personal, financial and corporate data are likely to be protected by a password, it is worth putting some effort into making it nice and secure, and preferably unique. If you are thinking about using password, abcedfg, 123456, starwars, football, welcome, master, letmein, login or derivations on those, please think again; they have already been well used.

The #1 password was 123456, which is quite unimaginative. So start using some symbols, upper and lower case and numbers, and the longer the better. Some passwords are very difficult to enter on touch screen devices so bear this in mind.

And finally don't forget that not all websites protect your password properly so be prepared to have it compromised (Yahoo accidentally lost half a billion of them in 2014 and a billion in 2013 so you may want to check to see if you are already compromised), which means different passwords on different sites. Passphrases are the current vogue so you may want to consider these, something like IEatFis#OnFr1day could be easy to remember and difficult to crack.

Ransomware has hit again, with 17 Missouri libraries taken out by it. There is no need for this as good Anti Virus/Anti Ransomware packages are around. However, the first line of defence always needs to be well trained staff and removal of users' Admin rights, as well as restricting what they can see on the servers to only that data which they need. Ensure you have 100% backup of your data.

Slow Internet
You may, from time to time, suffer slow internet and this can sometimes be rectified by a reboot of the router. However, there are still a large number of internet connections which use the tailed microfilter (normally a little white box of electronics with a tail on it) plugged into the master socket. These micro filters can age so if your line becomes unreliable, it may be worth splashing out £10 to replace the filter with a good quality one, which may improve your speed and reliability. It is worth using a site like to test out the speed of your internet connection before and after you make any changes.

And while on the subject of keeping you safe, if you have an iPhone it is definitely worth taking the latest update that appeared at the end of January.

As always don't click on anything you are not expecting. Here are three that are currently doing the rounds. If you see these, or messages that look like these, delete them.

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