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“ A huge thank you for sorting out our computer. Please don't ever even consider retiring.” MD, Technology Company, E. Grinstead

“ Busted Networks have been managing our IT system for many years now and have always provided a professional service. Over the past 2 years we have invested in cyber security; this relied heavily on their ability to adapt to our requirements, and Busted have impressed me with their pro-active response.” Technical Director, Technology Company, Petersfield

“ We highly recommend Busted Networks for IT Support. They literally transformed our business. We initially called them in a panic and they fixed our initial problems and migrated us to a stable, highly productive platform. They fixed our unreliable email system. Any problems just contact them and they fix it straight away, friendly outfit.” General Manager, Havant Manufacturing Company

“ Busted were very helpful in setting up our new server and care management systems. They were efficient, knowledgeable and reliable, so I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending their services.” AH, Healthcare sector, 2017

“The advice you gave me about the iCloud is working perfectly!” Hamish, 2017

“Many thanks for coming down so quickly yesterday and sorting out our computer -- it was much appreciated. My staff told me that you were very friendly and professional and explained what you were doing clearly.
I can see the value of a Maintenance contract when these sort of issues arise - and as you say hopefully things should become more secure when we have the new set up.” AH, a Care Home Managing Director, 2017

“Thank you for your professionalism, helpful advice and ease in which you so deftly executed installation. SO much appreciated.” DC - Oct 2016

“Yay!!! It's working. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!” MS Dec 2016

Windows 10 Version1803 Coming to a PC Near You ...

There is an update to Windows 10 that Microsoft has released in the last few weeks known with the snappy title of 1803. The previous version was 17XX i.e 1709. This update gets automatically downloaded by all Windows 10 PCs and then installed often, but not always ...
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Expansion Plans For 2018 ...

Busted Networks are in expansion mode, and we're looking to acquire small, up and running IT Support businesses within a half hour or so of Havant. If you know anyone, please give us a call on 01243 553251.

Spam emails, new iPhones, Clickbait, Equifax, sending screenshots by email ...

How do people get spam emails from me that I didn't send? This is a question that comes up weekly at Busted Networks. Essentially, email is a free for all as regards the sender's address. Here is an analogy with the regular letter post to explain it. You put a letter in the post box addressed to Joe Blogs.
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It has been another good month for the spammers with their direction changing from the banks to eFax and Voicemail scams. These usually take the form of 'eFax message from "unknown" – 3 pages' with an invite to click on a link or 'Voice Message Attached from 01258319722 – name unavailable' again with a link to conveniently click on.
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Be Prepared For New Consumer Privacy Laws, GDPR, or be Fined!

In less than a year, a hard hitting data protection law, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will replace the Data Protection Act. The law becomes effective the 25th May, 2018. The implications are serious - companies can be fined heavily for non-compliance. A dominating theme of the law is to protect client information and enable clients to opt out of emails more easily.
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You may well be aware of the unprecedented outbreak of a Ransomware which hit the news over the weekend. Ransomware encrypts your data and then demands a ransom to get the key to decrypt it. Once your data is encrypted the options are either to pay the ransom (and you may or may not get the decrypt key) or to restore the data from the last backup.
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Beware of Ransomware

In the last week, we've been calling around and discovered that a few companies lost all their data because of a Ransomware attack. Be sure you have a full system backup to removable media, and why not call us on 01243 553251 for a free system health check?

We have had a number of questions regarding how we determine if a message is spam. Obviously the spam filters we use filter out the vast majority of messages but occasionally one gets through.
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Cleaning Up!

Windows 10
Love it or hate it, Windows 10 is here to stay. And for some of you, who have accidentally upgraded to Windows 10 earlier on in the year there is one large frustration which seems to override all others -- the constant rebooting and updates that happen at the most inconvenient times. If this is a problem, feel free to contact us to sort this out.
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Recapturing Employee Productivity

The concern of employees spending 'too much time on the internet' is a growing one in most businesses. The "always connected" person brings many benefits and also a few drawbacks. Whether they are looking at Facebook or Twitter on their phones or PCs, spending a considerable amount of time on shopping or dating sites, or even downloading or watching the latest movies, this can seriously cut into a company's productivity. As a business executive, you may wish to restrict or even stop this practice and get their time back. There are many ways of doing this, most of which you may already have –– they just need to be enabled.
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Increase your Productivity

If you are interested in a productivity boost, consider splashing out at Christmas and equipping your PCs with dual screens. Having multiple screens allows you to work on 2 full screen applications at once without having to flit between one screen and the other. Some of the newer PCs even include dual screen capability without the need for an additional graphics card.
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Working Remotely From Home

More and more executives are working from home and the latest IT solutions make this easy. Modern IT systems allow you to access your e-mails and files from home using just a browser enabling you to answer those customer questions which can't wait 'til Monday morning. These solutions are straightforward to implement in a way which maintains the security of your office network. We are even able to set up systems which allow you to remotely access this equipment from your iPhone or iPad.
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Maximising Protection of Your PCs

Keeping all of your PCs up to date is the recommended way of providing maximum protection to your network, along with Anti Virus and regular scans. This is a good policy and if you have a server on site this can download the update once and then apply it to all of your computers, thereby saving your valuable bandwidth; it can also tell you which computers are not updating and, therefore, this can be investigated.
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